PC Shower 2008

PC Shower 2008

PC Shower 2008 is a maintenance suite of applications for Windows
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Arafasoft, Inc.

PC Shower 2008 is a maintenance suite of applications for Windows. It is a known fact that Windows can get very slow as time goes by and you install more and more crap into your computer. Most people opt for reinstalling Windows every time that their systems fail. Other users use applications like this. PC Shower combines cleaning, optimizing, tuning, and error-fixing applications all in one. There are features for doing almost anything. You can open up the process viewer, which lists in detail all the processes running on your computer, how much memory and processor they take, when they were opened. You can kill processes, halt them, and more. There is also a RAM memory optimizer, a disc defragmenter, and more. There is even an option that allows you to access your system's start-up applications, those that start with your PC, and modify them. Of course, you can do pretty much all of this without the application. But having PC Shower 2008, and all its features on a single location saves you time and headaches.

José Fernández
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